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United Incarnate V2 Frame 21"
United Incarnate V2 Frame 21"
United Incarnate V2 Frame 21"

United Incarnate V2 Frame 21"

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The Incarnate has become a staple frame for United and it’s very popular with the team, for very good reason! After punishing these frames for nearly two years we thought it would make sense to give the Incarnate a facelift. The first thing you will notice is the casting of the dropouts. We wanted to make these smaller in shape but thicker in width (6.5mm) for that extra rigidness. Throw in some tensioners to keep the wheel inline and your 13” back end isn’t going anywhere. We added some branding to finish things off, the stamp of approval. After a big demand for removable lugs we have answered the public and gave them exactly that, the option to run a brake should you wish. These things can take on everything. We wanted to simplify the graphics and give it a less sharp and minimalist look.

Specs :
4130 Seamless Sanko Japanese Tubing
TT: 20.8” 21” 21.2”
HT: 75.5
CS: 13”
BB: 11.75
SO: 8.75
ST: 70.25
Ultra Slim, Cast Wishbone
Thickened Chain Stays