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Kyle Ralston Bike Check

Bike check Q & A – Kyle Ralston

Kyle stopped by the shop last week and grabbed a few things to freshen up his bike. It was looking good so we snapped some pics and then Zen went with Kyle down to Munchies and snapped a few riding pics, enjoy!

Quarter pocket wallride.

Sponsors – Local BMX and Doomed through Gray (Cop Distro)

Your bike has a Midschool vibe even though you aren’t old enough to have experienced that era of BMX, whats up with that? I like the videos and riders from that time, the bikes look sick!

Oldest part? Probably the pegs, Maybe a year and a half, but I got em second hand anyway.

Newest part?  Cranks, Sprocket, Tyres all brand new today.

How long do you run parts for usually? Normally until they break.

What parts do you go through the fastest? Tyres, Grips and pedals. I like new grippy tyres. I hate it when they are old and slippery, like when you are rolling around a bowl and worried about slipping out and dying.

Bank hip whip.

What about you most particular about with your bike? Almost everything, I care about what brands parts I ride and how they feel. I like everything to be exactly how I want it, every little bit matters.

Tyre Pressure? Like 50.

Frame- T1 Skapegoat 21”

Fork- Odyssey R25

Bar- Animal Big 4 8.25” shout out to Gyles.

Stem- S&M Credence Turtleneck

Headset- Local BMX Headset

Bottom bracket- Dunno, Cult maybe?

Cranks- Primo Powerbite v2’s

Sprocket- T1 Logans run 30t

Chain- Cult Halflink

Wheel Front- BSD XLT rim/ Front street complete wheel

Wheel Rear- Eclat Cortex Cassette/ Eclat Bondi

Tyres- Primo V Monster 2.4’s

Seat- Sunday canvas Pivotal

Seat post- Sunday Pivotal, a fist and a half high.

Pegs- Odyssey Jpeg’s, Metal, Care of Callab Stibbards.

Grips- Animal Edwin v2

Pedals- Eclat Seekers