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Local BMX Mix / Welcome Filipe Costa Laghi

Tom Roddy cooked up this mix from the crew and I'm really stoked to announce that we recently added Filipe Costa Laghi to the team so he closes it out. 

Fil moved here from Brazil about 5 years ago, he always brings a positive vibe to the session and watching him ride is always a treat, he has a smooth casual quality in his riding that makes everything he does look like its easy for him.  Welcome to the Crew Fil!


Filmed in the streets of Perth and edited by Tom Roddy. Cheers Roddy!

Local Team and Friends 0:00-2:25

Callan Stibbards

Mitch Morris

Matt Bell

Dylan Mathews

Jake Corless

Kyle Ralston

Mike Lee

Jay Wilson

Greg Lamond

Tom Roddy

Welcome Fil 2:25-4:22

Filipe Costa Laghi


Name: Ross Dummett

Age: 34

Place of Residence: Fremantle

Sponsors: Local BMX

Ross floating above the deep end at Scarborough bowl. Karl Cottrell photo

Last song you listened to: Peter Bibby- Hates my boozing

Top things that get you stoked: Road trips with friends, camping, beers, concrete bowls, bike packing missions, swimming, Travel

Current frame that you are running: A rusty T1 barcode

Favourite part on your bike: The frame

Favourite BMX video growing up: Props, Roadfools , Wide awake nightmare.

Current favourite BMX video: Fast and loose

Park you grew up riding: Hutton Moor England, (pic below)

Current favourite park in the Perth Metro area: Scarborough or Vic bowl

Top park you have rode in WA outside the metro area: Florence, Oregon

Top places you have been to ride: Pacific North West USA

Top places you have been not riding: India

Top places you want to go to ride: Nimbin bowl

Ross Carving some Malasian concrete. John Kelly photo.

Favourite WA Street rider: Gray

Favourite WA Trails rider:  Mundas

Favourite WA Park rider: Mundas

Favourite BMX memory/memories: Going to the glory hole in San Fran, going to the T1 ramp in Austin Texas, Lost bowl in Portugal was pretty surreal 

Any thanks? Thanks to Mike and Jacky for everything they do and keeping my bike running smooth!

Full pipe dream, Glory hole, San Fran Cisco. Luke Peeters photo

Callan Stibbards and Jake Corless - Dead Leisure - Conjure Thee

What a treat this was to wake up to this morning, Jake Corless and Callan Stibbards out killing it in the streets of Perth for Dead Leisure.

I love a good split part, especially when the dudes are mates and you know Jake and Callan are out together every weekend pushing each other and feeding off each others riding, I think it really shows in here. Really stoked on what the boys have come up with here. Enjoy!

"Introducing Dead Leisure with this “Conjure Thee” video featuring Callan Stibbards & Jake Corless. The title, not only inspired by the lyrics from the music, but more importantly describes the creation and debut of Dead Leisure with this inaugural video. Since Dead Leisure’s inception roughly 2 years ago (September 2019), Callan and Jake where hyped to be onboard and being fans and friends with them it was a no brainer. Fast forward to April this year (2021), Callan and Jake hit me up with this edit, without prior arrangement or knowledge I was beyond hyped with these dudes work ethic and aesthetic towards BMX. Filmed intermittently over the past few years in and around Perth WA Australia." - Alex Liiv

Filmed by Callan Stibbards

Additional Filming by

Jake Coless

Matt Bell

Mitch Morris

Kyle Ralston

Tom Roddy

Jamie Mauri

Filipe Costa Lahgi

Edited by Alex Liiv

Check out Dead Leisure goods in stock here. More on the way soon. 

Lastly thanks to Cult and Odyssey for keeping Callan rolling, Tempered for looking after Jake and Dead Leisure for putting shirts on both their backs. Support those who support BMX!



On the weekend just gone Luke Snelling organized a jam down at Industrail bikes in Henderson. While discussing the idea in our group chat Luke threw out that he wanted to throw a jam for the hell of it and the name stuck. 

This is by no means a comprehensive report of who did what, Shout out to everyone who was getting into it and having a roll, so many dudes were killing it  that I dont have pics of and some wild shit went down that no one got on film/camera. You should have been there!

Luke Snelling airing an engineering masterpiece, three pallets and a few sheets of ply. Jamie Mauri pic


Matt Bell Tuck no hander, Jamie Mauri pic.

Mitch Morris Icing up, Jamie Mauri pic.

Elliot at Industrail was gracious enough to host it and open up the killer mini ramp set up inside. Luke has been scrounging for pallets and ply for months and him and a few of the boys built a heap of awesome/sketchy set ups out front in the driveway. Along with that Industrail's box jump set up was out and the street spine that formerly resided at Oicnt/Manning crew hq was donated for the cause.

Ryan Aquilina took out the Box jump jam win with tricks like this stretched Suicide no hander above and Superman seat grab below. Well deserved Acka! Jamie Mauri pics

Just about every available Subrosa rail in Perth was bought out and Local provided a grind box, high hop set up and speaker to blast the tunes, along with a few refreshments and Local Dollarydoos as prizes. Speaking of prizes Luke hit up his sponsor Tempered Bikes who gladly kicked in some proddy aswell. Thats pretty much it, the stage was set, everyone just needed to come down and ride and have a good time!

Jacob Kestel was doing really cool weird stuff all arvo, stretched to the max nac (Josh Morris pic) and he did a 180 hand plant over the street spine, his first ever, even though the spine lived in his yard for about 2 years he had never tried it till jam day, goes to show when everyone gets stoked the riding bumps up a notch. 


Kyle Ralston Toboggan. Josh Morris Pic.

Matt Walkemeyer ripping the curved wall, this thing was slowly moving across the carpark every time someone hit it. Tom Roddy Pic

Filipe Laghi pegs up to gap into the bank. 

A huge thanks goes out to Luke for organising this whole thing, its no easy feat, especially building a whole skatepark thats gotta go up and come down on the same day. Thanks also to El at Industrail for everything, everyone that helped set up/ tear down, Tempered for the prizes, Tom Roddy, Josh Morris and Jamie Mauri for taking some pics and sharing them with us and everyone that came down to ride or just hang out and make the arvo/evening what it was.

Luke was already talking about next year so already looking forward to that.

Also worth saying is that anyone can throw a jam, yes even YOU! Pick a day and a place, make a sketchy flyer to share on the gram, tell ya mates, hit us up and we will share and support it. 



Next up on Top Faves is Luke Snelling.

All pics by Jake Corless

Curved to start and multiple kinks on this rail were no problemo for Luke. Berlin  trip with the Tempered crew. 

Age:  28

Place of Residence: Hamilton Hill

Sponsors: Local BMX and Tempered bikes

Car: fully sick blue one

Favourite food/drink: beer and steak

Last song you listened to: Grim Tormentor by Conan

Top things that get you stoked: Just hanging out riding, seeing someone do something crazy, creativity and music

Top things that give you the shits: Ignorant people and face masks

Oppo one footed table on a giant blue euro boob. 

Current frame that you are running: Tempered night child

Favourite part on your bike and why: gold skull dust caps because they are gold skull dust caps

Favourite BMX video growing up: Endsearch or Anthem 2

Current favourite BMX video: still the same

Park you grew up riding: Port Kennedy/Rockingham

Current favourite park in the Perth Metro area: Rocko

Top park you have rode in WA outside the metro area: Margaret river or Manjimup


Top places you have been to ride: Netherlands, Berlin, Spain

Top places you have been not riding: Clancys fish pub

Top places you want to go to ride: anywhere weird that not a lot of people go ride

Favourite BMX account that you follow on the Gram: early2000sbmx

Favourite non BMX account: anything Simpsons related

Favourite BMX memory/memories: Probably my first international BMX trip to China, was a gateway to travelling BMX for me. Hell of a time!

Any thanks? Cheers to Local BMX and Tempered Bikes for keeping me rolling and cheers to Karl von Drais for inventing the bicycle

While you are here have a rewatch of Luke's Welcome to Tempered vid that dropped early last month. 


So you get to know the team dudes a little better I decided to do a little questionnaire with them.
First up is Matt Bell. All pics by Jake Corless. 
Wallride 180 over the pole. 


Name: Matthew Bell

Age: 29

Place of Residence: Mandurah

Sponsors: Local BMX

Favourite food/drink: Holly schnitzel and a pint of swan haha

Last song you listened to: Acid king - Blaze in

Top things that get you stoked: Beermx, My lady, My dog, Seeing the doods go in!

Top things that give you the shits: Where do I start.. haha

Current frame that you are running: Johnny Corts custom work frame

Favourite part on your bike and why: Probably all the parts made by riders, Got The Maniacs stem and sprocket and John Corts made the frame.

Handicap rail hop in the wet. 


Favourite BMX video growing up: S&M please kill me. It was the first BMX vid I ever owned and it was a burnt copy from one of the locals I grew up riding with. Heavy influence that vid, sweated Stricker haha.

Current favourite BMX video: Been loving all the vids Skerbo's been putting out, bit of everything the way I like it.

Park you grew up riding: Mandurah's old park

Current favourite park in the Perth Metro area: Probably Kwinana, Perry's and Wanneroo

Top park you have rode in WA outside the metro area: Margs and Manjimup, Parks are Probably WA's best! Sorry all you Scarborough lovers

Top places you have been to ride: Catty, Posh and Hazelwood. Fastest I've ever been on my bike haha. 

Top places you have been not riding: Ningaloo reef

Top places you want to go to ride: Anywhere I haven't been really

Favourite WA Street rider: Jamo

Favourite WA Trails rider: Jamo

Favourite WA Park rider: Jamo

Favourite BMX memory/memories: They've all been pretty good. All the times the older doods would throw me in the car and take me along on their trips and all the trips over the years I don't think I've stopped laughing haha.

Wallride at the Industrail ramp.


Any thanks? Mike and Jackie at Local BMX, Foam rollers, My physio, all the sick heads out there that have made me laugh, cracked a beer with me, let me crash on their couch and my lady for always backing it 100%



Luke Snelling is the latest member of the Tempered Goods family and boy does he make a bang for his welcome video. I've heard whispers of a few of these clips, so stoked to finally see them on video.

Filmed over a year and a half (pre covid) and in the last few months here in Perth W.A.

Filmed by Callan Stibbards

Additional Filming by Mitchell Morris and Tom Roddy

Edited by Alex Liiv

Check out Tempered Goods in stock here.


What a way to start your Sunday, Kyle Ralston just dropped this rad mixtape filmed in the streets of Perth.

Featuring Callan Stibbards, Jake Corless, Kyle Ralston, Dylan Matthews, Tom Roddy, Matt Bell, Mitch Morris, and Jamie Mauri.

Watch it, get stoked and then go ride your bike!

Callan Stibbards BMX Easter Egg

Filmed in the streets of Perth, Western Australia in 2017, like Jeebus these clips have been locked away in a tomb not for 3 days but for 3 years, and now they have risen like an Easter miracle for your viewing pleasure.

Filmed by Callan Stibbards, Jake Corless, Tom Roddy, Filipe Laghi, Gray Scott and Dylan Matthews, sorry if we missed anyone.

Edited by Callan Stibbards.

Callan is supported by Cult and Odyssey and their respective Aus Distro's Family and BMX International. Thanks for the support!

Song - Fooled around and fell in love,  Artist - Elvin Bishop



It’s a crazy world out there at the moment and we have been doing what we can to reduce the risk to ourselves, our customers and our family. Its been a tough week or two trying to come to grips with what will be the new normal for a while.

At the same time we still want to keep the BMX stoke high, as getting out and riding your bike is probably safer at the moment (while keeping a safe distance from others) than going to your local shops. Its time to work on your basics like manuals/ manual180’s/ nose manuals/ hop bars/ hop threes/ hop whips…. whatever, out the front of your house or at a quiet carpark near your house.  

We made the call to close the shop front, we are still sticking by this decision to ensure everyone’s safety. Our online store is open 24/7 and we are shipping orders out to customers everyday and placing and receiving orders with our suppliers, if we dont have what you need in stock we are still able to sort it out, just hit us up. With the closure of the shop front we are not taking on repairs at this time.  

That’s pretty much it, stay home, stay safe, ride your bike if you can and stay sane.

See you instore on the other side.

Thanks, Mike – Local BMX.

Vans/Local BMX Shop Stop

Remember that time at the old shop that Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffman, Dak Roche and Ty Morrow dropped by for a riding session in the car park and hung out?

Yeah I hadn't thought of it for a while either but one of our customers called up today and mentioned it so I thought I'd re-up it for everyone to check out again. It happened, the guys were cool as, just got off the plane from some long flights in from Europe and the US and built their bikes up straight away to come down to the shop, meet the locals and have a roll. Legends.

Vans bought the team out to film for their first full length vid "Illustrated" and got the spot tour from Perth to Cali transplant and Vans pro rider Calvin Kosovich. This was 5 years ago in 2015, Illustrated dropped in 2016 and it was pretty cool to see some familiar Freo/Perth spots in the guys sections.

I really have to say it wouldn't have happened without Calvin, he has been flying the flag for West Oz over seas for years now and it was rad he talked Vans into coming out for a filming trip. Thanks CK. 

Anyway Chris Hyland filmed and edited this little piece, Cheers Chris,  which turned out pretty cool, take a trip down memory lane and see if you can spot yourself in there if you were there. 

Vans x Local Bmx | Shop Stop from Local BMX on Vimeo.


Bush Fire Appeal - Colony BMX

Today I spoke with Clint Millar, Aus BMX legend and boss man at Colony/Family Distro and he said that they were doing a Bush Fire Appeal to help those affected by the bush fires over east at the moment. Seeing the devastation on the news and social media we have been wanting to do something similar and thought that we would jump in and support them. 

For the rest of the month of January, we will donate 100% of proceeds raised from a selected range of Colony Frames to the Australian Bush Fire Appeal.

All Colony Monash, Tradition and Bloody Oath frames are on sale for $336, down from $480. Save $144 and support a hell of a cause. 

Please grab yourself a bargain while knowing that your also helping others at the same time. All the frames are listed here.