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Zen Riley - Six Month Dump.

Zenith Riley - Six Month Dump.

Zen’s new edit just went live on our YouTube page, riding BMX in the streets of Western Australia. 95% of this footage is from the first six months of this year, with a couple of lost clips found from late last year too. Cool to see Zen continuing to progress his riding. Enjoy!

Filmed by Jay Wilson, Fabio Canetti, Jacob Love and Zen.

Edited by Zen.

Song Level Up Hyperloop Sounds



After a long hiatus I have bought back the "Old Gold" series.

The concept is "The modern internet era has a habit of slapping you in the face with fresh content multiple times a day, you can sometimes forget about some old gems from the past. Old gold are video/edits from West Oz's rich BMX history, the common theme will be either they are from WA or filmed the section here."

Next up is Dak Roche who came here way back in early 2014 to film a signature shoe promo vid for Vans. The concept was cooked up by Calvin Kosovich to bring Dak from his native California to Calvins home town of Perth, Western Australia and show him around and see what he could get done, and he produced all this was filmed in under a week. Dak came out with filmer/editor Will Stroud, photographer Justin Kosman and Jerry Badders the old Vans TM. 

It was a rare treat to have a top tier pro in town, we dont get too many come through given our isolation and the high costs of getting here. Dak was at the top of his game, still is obviously and it was cool to see what he got done on these spots we recognize and ride, and some we haven't too, haha.

They stayed in Freo during filming so heaps of the spots are around here, like the line at 2:05 is at Woolstores, 50m from the shop, go see how high that window sill he smith grinds is. I love the clips inside the South Freo Power Station too, good luck getting in there now. Plenty of cool stuff like that. 

Calvin wasn't just a tour guide and comes through with some clips too, 1:25 gap to nose manual with a big drop at the end in the Power Station, and the nollie to pegs straight after, both heavy moves. 

We had just opened Local BMX the previous year so had Dak in for a quick meet and greet/ signing session for our customers and he hopped the old shop sign too. Cheers for that Dak! 

Anyway thats enough from me, watch the vid. Enjoy!

HMCYA DUNT - Filmed and edited by Kyle Ralston.

Kyle Ralston was filming with a Panasonic HMC, decided it was too big to lug around so he is going back to his smaller Dad cam, so this is a footage dump of sorts. 

Dont let that fool you, there is some top notch riding in here from Kyle Ralston, Jayden Fong, Tom Roddy, Dylan Matthews, Callan Stibbards, Jake Corless, Luke Snelling, Mitch Morris and Ben Gately. Filmed in Perth. Enjoy!. 

Zenith Riley - Local BMX

Zenith Riley filmed all these clips over the last year or two in and around the streets of Perth. Filmed by the homies, edited by Zen, uploaded by Mike, viewable by you. Enjoy! Song is MF Doom - Dragons Blood 



Our 2022 Local Bmx Halloween Jam went down on Saturday the 29th of Oct at Manning skatepark and it was a good time!

Thanks to everyone who came down even though the weather was looking iffy the rain held off and we got it done. I'm pretty sure everyone that showed up rolled home with some give aways and stickers at least. 

It was especially sick to see how much heaps of riders have progressed since I last saw them ride in person. I witnessed more than a couple of personal first time pulled tricks, saw riders from different areas meet and become mates, saw younger crew watch some older riders and get inspired, all the reasons why jams are so sick and people should show up to them. It’s not a demo on who is the best, it’s about being a part of it and getting stoked to ride your bike.
Huge thanks to all our event sponsors, brands and distro’s that stepped up to support the event. BMX International, Eclat, WeThePeople, Odyssey, Sunday, Family, Colony, Advance Traders Distribution, Kink, Kick Ass Distribution, Fiend, Cop Distribution, Help, Doomed, The Trip, Motive Distribution, Federal. 

Josh O'Neil filmed this rad edit which showed a few mini comps we ran on the day, Cheers Josh for putting that together. Enjoy and see you next year!

Luke Snelling / Tempered Goods - "For The Hell Of It 2" - West Aus Trip & Jam

In late May 2022, Luke Snelling was running his second DIY jam titled “For the hell for it”. A couple of the Queensland boys, Raph and Jerry figured it would be a good opportunity to head over west for a trip.

Cheers to all the crew involved with the jam and trip!

Featuring Jerry Vandervalk, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jake Corless, Luke Snelling, Matt Bell, Shane Ellis, Callan Stibbards, and Dempsey Barischetti.

Filmed and edited my Raph Jeroma-Williams Additional filming by Jake Corless and Jerry Vandervalk Music:

Experts In Skin - Constant Mongrel


For the next installment of Old Gold we have this edit that Calvin Kosovich put together for us back in 2014. Filmed by Callan Stibbards, Graeme Scott and Jordan Dentamaro through out Perth, Albany, Melbourne and a line from a famous San Francisco spot at the 1 minute mark which ties in with the SF B roll footage throughout.

Calvin was already firmly making his mark on the BMX world back then, he had a couple of solid sections in Let it Bleed and Still Bleeding Black and Blue which he also filmed the majority of and edited himself. He had also just been picked up by Kink and Vans after riding for now defunct brand The Set. I'm pretty sure this is his last section filmed at home before he moved to America. 

As you would expect from Calvin there is some big rail moves, some big gaps and  a sprinkling of tech moves throughout. Enjoy!

Old Gold - Mitch Morris 2017

Old Gold - Mitch Morris 2017

The modern internet era has a habit of slapping you in the face with fresh content multiple times a day, you can sometimes forget about some old gems from the past.

Given that, I have decided to make a weeklyish blog post highlighting some old gold video/edits from West Oz's rich BMX history, an archive, so that everything will be collected all in one place.

We have a team of rippers but I didnt want to limit this to just the Local team so there will be posts about all West Oz riders, the common theme will be either they are from WA or filmed the section here.

Also worth mentioning if you want to see a collection of cool WA photos from past and present, Jamie Mauri runs a insta page called @perth_bmx. I highly recommend you follow. 

For the first installment of Old Gold, MItch Morris dropped this edit for the shop back in 2017, filmed and edited by Bryce Ruksenas, The song by Blondie has a dreamy vibe, you feel like you are floating through this edit watching Mitch's super tech style of riding with a few burly bangers thrown in. A stand out clip at the time and still now is the ice to crankflip/bar (helicopter?). Mitch made it look too smooth, so much going on there, you didnt really see these much at the time (much less out of an icepick) and still dont now. Mitch used to do these in a hop on request and I bet he still could now. Anyway enjoy the vid, Bryce killed it on the film/edit. Enjoy! - Mike



Rocky - Kyle Ralston

We had a little party/premiere out the back of the shop before Christmas for Kyle Ralston's latest video 'Rocky' and he has just released it online.

Rocky is a 20 minute video featuring a heap of his friends filmed in the streets of Perth over the last year or so. Featuring Kyle Ralston, Jamie Mauri, Jake Corless, Callan Stibbards, Dylan Matthews, Tom Roddy, Will Moores, Matt Bell, Mitch Morris, Alex Veenbaas, Luke Snelling, Jay Wilson, Doc, Filipe Costa Laghi, Matt Walkemeyer, Gyles Baker, Mark Kelly, Harry Payne, Ross Dummett and Zenith Riley.

More than that its a touching tribute to his friend Gyles Baker aka rockybalbaker, Rocky. Gyles took his own life early last year after a silent struggle with his mental health. More on that after the vid. 

I'm sure you reading this didn't expect such a dark turn in a blog on a BMX shops blog page but mental health is something that we as a society should not be afraid to talk about and even less afraid to seek help when its needed. More than that I see it as a brave thing to do, something we should respect.  

Gyles Baker. 

Kyle, Gyles, Mark and the rest of the Phsh boys were the first real "crew" of young kids that came into the shop when we opened in 2013. By real crew I mean they were out riding, getting better and pushing each other, filming, putting out edits and just living this BMX lifestyle that we all are apart of. They weren't just kids who had BMX bikes, they were the real deal even at age 13-14.

Over the years of them coming to the shop for parts or to get their bikes fixed or just say hi when they were riding Freo that day, I watched these kids grow into young men. Some of the crew drifted off from BMX as can happen when young fellas hit 17-18 and life starts getting a bit more distracting with work/uni/studying/cars/girls/partying. Kyle really stuck with riding and ended up on our shop team, Gyles would still go for a roll go for a roll at Kinross and ride street a few times a week.

When Kyle told me of Gyles' passing it hit me pretty hard. As I said I'd seen these guys grow up over the best part of a decade. I'd met his Dad a few times when he'd come to pay for Gyles' parts. I felt devastated for Kyle and the rest of his friends, Gyles' family and everyone else that knew him. They lost everything that he was at that point and everything that he was going to be. Its incredibly sad to lose a life so young and I'm so sorry for their loss.

Hopefully I dont spoil the video's ending but at the premiere you have never heard 40 odd rowdy half drunk BMXers so quiet and respectful. There were a few teary eyes for sure, mine included.  

Kyle and Gyles. 

Here is some words from Kyle.

"A video dedicated to a best friend. Gyles Baker aka rockybalbaker took his own life earlier this year after a silent struggle with his mental health. Gyles was one of the most kind hearted, gentle, and selfless human beings I have met and I am forever grateful to have been able to call him one of my best friends. Please if you are struggling or know anyone struggling, let them know they are not alone. Things will always get better. Thanks to everyone who helped make this video. I am very grateful for everyone in my life. Always thinking about you Gyles. Love you and miss you brother. Rest in peace. 12/07/1999 - 01/03/2021"

Gyles' part from Kyles Longboy video.

Kyle Ralston Bike Check

Kyle Ralston Bike Check

Bike check Q & A – Kyle Ralston

Kyle stopped by the shop last week and grabbed a few things to freshen up his bike. It was looking good so we snapped some pics and then Zen went with Kyle down to Munchies and snapped a few riding pics, enjoy!

Quarter pocket wallride.

Sponsors – Local BMX and Doomed through Gray (Cop Distro)

Your bike has a Midschool vibe even though you aren’t old enough to have experienced that era of BMX, whats up with that? I like the videos and riders from that time, the bikes look sick!

Oldest part? Probably the pegs, Maybe a year and a half, but I got em second hand anyway.

Newest part?  Cranks, Sprocket, Tyres all brand new today.

How long do you run parts for usually? Normally until they break.

What parts do you go through the fastest? Tyres, Grips and pedals. I like new grippy tyres. I hate it when they are old and slippery, like when you are rolling around a bowl and worried about slipping out and dying.

Bank hip whip.

What about you most particular about with your bike? Almost everything, I care about what brands parts I ride and how they feel. I like everything to be exactly how I want it, every little bit matters.

Tyre Pressure? Like 50.

Frame- T1 Skapegoat 21”

Fork- Odyssey R25

Bar- Animal Big 4 8.25” shout out to Gyles.

Stem- S&M Credence Turtleneck

Headset- Local BMX Headset

Bottom bracket- Dunno, Cult maybe?

Cranks- Primo Powerbite v2’s

Sprocket- T1 Logans run 30t

Chain- Cult Halflink

Wheel Front- BSD XLT rim/ Front street complete wheel

Wheel Rear- Eclat Cortex Cassette/ Eclat Bondi

Tyres- Primo V Monster 2.4’s

Seat- Sunday canvas Pivotal

Seat post- Sunday Pivotal, a fist and a half high.

Pegs- Odyssey Jpeg’s, Metal, Care of Callab Stibbards.

Grips- Animal Edwin v2

Pedals- Eclat Seekers


Jay Wilson has been laid up for a bit recovering from knee surgery and it looks like he has put his time to good use, cooking up this mixed edit of a bunch of Perth riders, Perth Spots, set to a Perth punk track, this is 100% West Oz!

Jamie Mauri, Kyle Ralston, Jake Corless, Tom Roddy, Chris Gaske, Rex Cubic, Jay Wilson, Callan Stibbards, Dylan (GOLDBIKE) Mathews, Filipe Costa Laghi and Mitch Morris.

Local BMX Mix / Welcome Filipe Costa Laghi

Tom Roddy cooked up this mix from the crew and I'm really stoked to announce that we recently added Filipe Costa Laghi to the team so he closes it out. 

Fil moved here from Brazil about 5 years ago, he always brings a positive vibe to the session and watching him ride is always a treat, he has a smooth casual quality in his riding that makes everything he does look like its easy for him.  Welcome to the Crew Fil!


Filmed in the streets of Perth and edited by Tom Roddy. Cheers Roddy!

Local Team and Friends 0:00-2:25

Callan Stibbards

Mitch Morris

Matt Bell

Dylan Mathews

Jake Corless

Kyle Ralston

Mike Lee

Jay Wilson

Greg Lamond

Tom Roddy

Welcome Fil 2:25-4:22

Filipe Costa Laghi