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West Australian Mix - Tom Roddy

Roddy just treated us all with a 10 minute mix of some of West Oz's finest including Local team riders Callan Stibbards, Jake Corless, Luke Snelling, Mitch Morris,  Matt Bell, Kyle Ralston, Tom Roddy and friends Jamie Mauri, Filipe Costa Laghi. Enjoy!


Younger riders may not be familiar with Tree Bike Co but anyone over the age of about 25 certainly would be, they made (maybe still do) possibly the best sprocket on the market, I personally ran an OG one for about 10 years before retiring it and only then because I wanted to freshen up my bike, the sprocket was still in perfect working order.

Anyway we got some Tree sprockets on sale from T6 distro (cheers dudes) and I was putting them out for sale when Jamie Mauri came in and we were talking about them, I remembered the ad Tree ran in Props and was telling Jamie, he hadn't seen it.

I found the ad, watched it, laughed out loud a few times and thought I should share it. The sprocket chunk/stall at the 1:00 mark would have folded many sprockets on the market and I love the rail to ghosty and the guy judo kicks the headtube of the bike to get it stop. Weird science song playing, dudes in science coats going nuts to butt on a scooter, these guys didn't need to make their company seem cool to sell stuff, their products were solid as fuck, so they could have fun with their ads and did. 

Have a look and check out a Tree Sprocket, we have a bunch on sale for $65. If you hate the colour paint it or caustic soda it back to raw. It might be the last sprocket you will ever need to buy. 

Also check out this ad for their no longer available Little Buddy frame. another funny vid.





Calvin Kosovich - "Headlights" video part

Calvin Kosovich must be in the double digit's for video parts by now surely. His latest part in the Headlights continues on the legacy he has built in his earlier parts. 

Calvin is known for big grinds on wild setups and he doesn't disappoint in here. Mike Mastroni did a rad job filming most of this and editing it together, I see a few clips filmed by West Oz boys Callan Stibbards and Grey Scott too. 

I love the opening two clips in here, the first is the Perth Skyline where Calvin is from and the second is LA, where Calvin now calls home. 

Anyway enjoy another Calvin Kosovich part, he is doing West Oz BMX proud. 


Vans Shimmer - Calvin Kosovich

Apologies on the lateness of this post, this vid has been online for 2 weeks and even though I have gone back and watched it half a dozen times it only just dawned on me to post it on here.

Vans Shimmer is a sweet 15 minute vid featuring mainly the Vans team's LA street riders, Calvin Kosovich killed it with this, Filming, editing and has a section. He has come a long way from his early Perth bmx film "Let It Bleed" days, not to discount his earlier work, but this latest release is bordering on Cinematic. Calvin has taken his video production to a new level here, the whole time I was watching I just kept thinking how good it looked!  

Also parts from Dak Roche, Lewis Mills, Bruno Hoffman, Travis Hughes, Sean Ricany, Andrew Castaneda and Ty Morrow.

Well done Calvin! Killed it mate. 

If you havent watched it yet I suggest grabbing a beverage of your choice and sitting back so you can take it all in. 



James Gilbert just released Homegrown, a 50 page photo book thats been a 2 year project and features 38 riders, most of who are from Perth including a bunch of dudes on our team including Nick Mitchell on the cover. In an age of screens, its real nice to hold some really good pics in your hands, I think it makes you appreciate it more for sure. 


Grab yourself a copy of that here.

To go along with it, James dropped a little edit himself showing his skills on the other side of the lens, Shot and cut by Bryce Ruksenas, with additional filming by Callan Stibbards, Luke Snelling and Rex Cubic. James does a bunch of creative and tech moves, he seems to have found the key for fakie manuals and does a few sweet ones in here among some other cool stuff. Check it out for sure!



Rex Cubic - Division Brand

What a treat to end the week! Rex Cubic just dropped this edit for Division, Filmed by Eric DS, Andreas Taru and Will Moores.

"The footage collected was basically from, countless sessions in and around Perth (Australia) city centre, or whatever suburb I was living at the time, we were always searching for obscure setups to ride and secluded places to relax without getting hassled. If someone is down to hold my camera and the spot is chill, I’ll roll up" - REX CUBIC

Western Australia, by Matt Busby.

Matt Busby came to West Oz from the US late last year for a couple of weeks to visit Ross Dummett who he knew from Ross' trips to the north west US previously.

While he was here, he went on a few day trips and a down south trip with some of the boys and filmed this rad little edit on his Iphone. It turned out so sick, featuring Ross Dummett, Karl Cottrell, Luke Snelling and with a few clips from Kyle Ralston, Jake Corless and Matt himself. 

Grab a coffee, sit down and press play. 

WESTERN_AUSTRALIA from Matt Busby on Vimeo.

Nick Mitchell Local BMX

NIck Mitchell recently had surgery to sort out his shoulder that dislocates at the drop of a hat. He had all these clips that Bryce Ruksenas filmed stacked up on Bryce's hard drive and decided to put them out in an edit and start fresh once his shoulder has healed. There are some gems in here and I cant wait to see what Nick gets up to when his shoulder is 100%.

Jake Corless - Just A Game

The final part of the 2015 Just A Game vid went to Jake Corless and for good reason. Jake rides smooth as butter and takes that style to rails, walls, ledges, gaps and more.

There are more than a few big gaps in here and the last one is a deadman setup in every sense of the word. Jake handles it accordingly.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

To see more recent footage from Jake and the rest of the boys grab a copy of the sequel Game Over.


Jake Corless - Just A Game from Local BMX on Vimeo.

Callan Stibbards - Just A Game part.

Callan Stibbards epic part from 2015's Just A Game. Callan filmed and edited the rest of the video and this section was filmed by the boys and edited by Calvin Kosovich.

Callan is most at home on a big hand rail. The stair count in this part could well be into the 1000's, the last kinked rail alone is 50+ stairs and would have to be one of the biggest ever done.

Grab a cup of your prefered beverage, sit back and watch the show. 

Callan Stibbards - Just A Game from Local BMX on Vimeo.

Tom Roddy - Just A Game

Tom Roddy's Just A Game section from 2015. Tom embodies a north east US style on the west coast of Aus, he has four pegs and puts em to use in here. 

Check it out and grab a copy of Game Over to see what the boys have been up to more recently.



Tom Roddy - Just A Game from Local BMX on Vimeo.

Luke Snelling - Just A Game

We have been dropping sections from 2015's Just A Game over the past month, to hype up the newest vid from Callan Stibbards and friends, Game Over.

Luke Snelling would be one of Perth's most underrated riders, I mean we know how good he is, but he's not all over the internet so unless you have witnessed him casually killin it in person, or seen this section, you wouldn't know.

Check out Luke Snelling getting wild and grab a copy of Game Over to see what the boys have been upto more recently.

Just a Game- Luke Snelling from Local BMX on Vimeo.