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What size bike do you need?

This is a general guide, the exact size should be determined by the riders height, skill level and riding preference/style. 

It is often safer to go with a slightly smaller bike over a bigger bike to ensure proper control and safety. A bigger bike could be necessary if a rider is adequately  experienced and still growing. 

Complete bikes size will generally be referred to in two ways, wheel size in inches (balance, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 29) and for 20" bikes in particular top tube sizes (generally 20"-21.25" for complete bikes). 

* Height - 70cm to 90cm | Bike Size - Balance Bike (12"). 
* Height - 80cm to 110cm | Bike Size - 12" Wheel. 
* Height - 90cm to 130cm | Bike Size - 14" Wheel.  
* Height - 100cm to 140cm | Bike Size - 16" Wheel.
* Height - 130cm to 160cm | Bike Size - 18" Wheel.
* Height - 140cm to 155cm  | Bike Size - 20" Wheel with 18" to 20.25" top tube.
* Height - 145cm to 175cm | Bike Size - 20" Wheel with 20.25" to 21" top tube.
* Height - 175cm + | Bike Size - 20" Wheel with 21" or longer top tube.
For frame sizing for experienced riders, the riders height and riding preference/style comes more into play. A 180cm tall rider that rides street and park may choose to run a shorter 20.75" frame as its more maneuverable and easier to move around. Where as a shorter 170cm rider who only rides trails/jumps and bigger transition may choose to ride a longer 21.25" frame for more stability. If you are unsure what size frame you should order we would recommend giving us a call and we can discuss and advise.