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Kyle Ralston bike check - Thanks Eclat.

Kyle just got hooked up with Eclat through BMX International so I took the opportunity to hit him up about what parts he is running.

We have pretty much all of this gear in stock so if you see something you like go snap it up or come down to the shop. 

Kink Contender frame 21inch

Cult Sect forks 28mm

Eclat Chocolate bar cut down about an inch either side

Eclat Pulsar grips

Alive Industry Badlands front load stem (Thanks Polly)

Local headset

Eclat Tibia 165mm cranks

Eclat bottom bracket

Eclat Abyss guarded sprocket 28 tooth

Eclat 4 Stroke chain

Eclat Centric pedals

Cinema front wheel 

Cult cassette wheel 

Eclat Ty Morrow tyres 

Sunday seat

Unknown post

Stress plastic front pegs

Unknown steel rear pegs

Favourite part: Probably my bars, badlands stem, and plastic/metal peg combo. The centric pedals feel really good too with how they are flush on the crank.

Oldest part: either my front wheel or the steelies, I’m not sure.

Why the plastic front pegs and steel rear pegs? Business up front, party in the back. 

If ya wanna add that I got a bit of video with myself and parts from the crew in Adelaide coming out that could be good.