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Local BMX Mix / Welcome Filipe Costa Laghi

Tom Roddy cooked up this mix from the crew and I'm really stoked to announce that we recently added Filipe Costa Laghi to the team so he closes it out. 

Fil moved here from Brazil about 5 years ago, he always brings a positive vibe to the session and watching him ride is always a treat, he has a smooth casual quality in his riding that makes everything he does look like its easy for him.  Welcome to the Crew Fil!


Filmed in the streets of Perth and edited by Tom Roddy. Cheers Roddy!

Local Team and Friends 0:00-2:25

Callan Stibbards

Mitch Morris

Matt Bell

Dylan Mathews

Jake Corless

Kyle Ralston

Mike Lee

Jay Wilson

Greg Lamond

Tom Roddy

Welcome Fil 2:25-4:22

Filipe Costa Laghi