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On the weekend just gone Luke Snelling organised a jam down at Industrail bikes in Henderson. While discussing the idea in our group chat Luke threw out that he wanted to throw a jam for the hell of it and the name stuck. 

This is by no means a comprehensive report of who did what, Shout out to everyone who was getting into it and having a roll, so many dudes were killing it  that I don't have pics of and some wild shit went down that no one got on film/camera. You should have been there!

Luke Snelling airing an engineering masterpiece, three pallets and a few sheets of ply. Jamie Mauri pic.


Matt Bell Tuck no hander, Jamie Mauri pic.

Mitch Morris Icing up, Jamie Mauri pic.

Elliot at Industrail was gracious enough to host it and open up the killer mini ramp set up inside. Luke has been scrounging for pallets and ply for months and him and a few of the boys built a heap of awesome/sketchy set ups out front in the driveway. Along with that Industrail's box jump set up was out and the street spine that formerly resided at Oicnt/Manning crew hq was donated for the cause.

Ryan Aquilina took out the Box jump jam win with tricks like this stretched Suicide no hander above and Superman seat grab below. Well deserved Acka! Jamie Mauri pics.

Just about every available Subrosa rail in Perth was bought out and Local provided a grind box, high hop set up and speaker to blast the tunes, along with a few refreshments and Local Dollarydoos as prizes. Speaking of prizes Luke hit up his sponsor Tempered Bikes who gladly kicked in some proddy as well. That's pretty much it, the stage was set, everyone just needed to come down and ride and have a good time!

Jacob Kestel was doing really cool weird stuff all arvo, stretched to the max nac  and he did a 180 hand plant over the street spine, his first ever, even though the spine lived in his yard for about 2 years he had never tried it till jam day, goes to show when everyone gets stoked the riding bumps up a notch. Josh Morris pic.


Kyle Ralston Toboggan. Josh Morris Pic.

Matt Walkemeyer ripping the curved wall, this thing was slowly moving across the carpark every time someone hit it. Tom Roddy Pic.

Filipe Laghi pegs up to gap into the bank. Tom Roddy Pic.

A huge thanks goes out to Luke for organising this whole thing, its no easy feat, especially building a whole skatepark that's gotta go up and come down on the same day. Thanks also to El at Industrail for everything, everyone that helped set up/ tear down, Tempered for the prizes, Tom Roddy, Josh Morris and Jamie Mauri for taking some pics and sharing them with us and everyone that came down to ride or just hang out and make the arvo/evening what it was.

Luke was already talking about next year so already looking forward to that.

Also worth saying is that anyone can throw a jam, yes even YOU! Pick a day and a place, make a sketchy flyer to share on the gram, tell ya mates, hit us up and we will share and support it.