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After a long hiatus I have bought back the "Old Gold" series.

The concept is "The modern internet era has a habit of slapping you in the face with fresh content multiple times a day, you can sometimes forget about some old gems from the past. Old gold are video/edits from West Oz's rich BMX history, the common theme will be either they are from WA or filmed the section here."

Next up is Dak Roche who came here way back in early 2014 to film a signature shoe promo vid for Vans. The concept was cooked up by Calvin Kosovich to bring Dak from his native California to Calvins home town of Perth, Western Australia and show him around and see what he could get done, and he produced all this was filmed in under a week. Dak came out with filmer/editor Will Stroud, photographer Justin Kosman and Jerry Badders the old Vans TM. 

It was a rare treat to have a top tier pro in town, we dont get too many come through given our isolation and the high costs of getting here. Dak was at the top of his game, still is obviously and it was cool to see what he got done on these spots we recognize and ride, and some we haven't too, haha.

They stayed in Freo during filming so heaps of the spots are around here, like the line at 2:05 is at Woolstores, 50m from the shop, go see how high that window sill he smith grinds is. I love the clips inside the South Freo Power Station too, good luck getting in there now. Plenty of cool stuff like that. 

Calvin wasn't just a tour guide and comes through with some clips too, 1:25 gap to nose manual with a big drop at the end in the Power Station, and the nollie to pegs straight after, both heavy moves. 

We had just opened Local BMX the previous year so had Dak in for a quick meet and greet/ signing session for our customers and he hopped the old shop sign too. Cheers for that Dak! 

Anyway thats enough from me, watch the vid. Enjoy!