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Old Gold - Mitch Morris 2017

The modern internet era has a habit of slapping you in the face with fresh content multiple times a day, you can sometimes forget about some old gems from the past.

Given that, I have decided to make a weeklyish blog post highlighting some old gold video/edits from West Oz's rich BMX history, an archive, so that everything will be collected all in one place.

We have a team of rippers but I didnt want to limit this to just the Local team so there will be posts about all West Oz riders, the common theme will be either they are from WA or filmed the section here.

Also worth mentioning if you want to see a collection of cool WA photos from past and present, Jamie Mauri runs a insta page called @perth_bmx. I highly recommend you follow. 

For the first installment of Old Gold, Mitch Morris dropped this edit for the shop back in 2017, filmed and edited by Bryce Ruksenas, The song by Blondie has a dreamy vibe, you feel like you are floating through this edit watching Mitch's super tech style of riding with a few burly bangers thrown in. A stand out clip at the time and still now is the ice to crankflip/bar (helicopter?). Mitch made it look too smooth, so much going on there, you didnt really see these much at the time (much less out of an icepick) and still dont now. Mitch used to do these in a hop on request and I bet he still could now. Anyway enjoy the vid, Bryce killed it on the film/edit. Enjoy! - Mike