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We live in an age where video's get lost on the internet a week after they have come out, we have had some really amazing edits put out from our team riders and now we have a website and blog I'm going to re-up them from time to time. 

Calvin Kosovich was one of the first team additions after we opened in August 2013 and he put together this edit for us which dropped in February 2014.

Calvin was already on the Kink AM team at this time and had just moved to California I think, there are a bunch of good clips from when he was on The Set too which found a home here. I'm sure that this whole edit Calvin is running 48 spoke wheels and a 14mm axle front hub to hold up to his riding abuse. Killer timeless song choice too but that is to be expected from CK.

Filmed by Callan Stibbards, Jordan Dentamaro and Graeme Scott and featuring clips from all over Perth, Albany, Melbourne and SF/LA in Cali. Enjoy!

LOCAL BMX - Calvin Kosovich from Local BMX on Vimeo.