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Rex Cubic - Division Brand - Make Noise

Division Brand dropped their Make Noise vid last month, the whole vid was sick, but you know I was most stoked on Rex Cubic's part. 

Rex is a bit of a West Oz BMX workhorse and would have to be a front runner along with Calvin Kosovich for most Video parts/edits produced. The dudes put in work. 

Rex is always out looking for spots and it shows, heaps of random/unique pole jam set ups in here along with some bigger rail moves and plenty of Freo spots, this vid got me stoked.

He films a bunch of his own stuff too, like the pole jam to bars at 2:30. I was riding down a back street to my car after working at the shop one day and bumped into Rex. He was setting up his camera pointing at this white pole which is damn near vertical, far from what I would personally consider a do-able pole jam. A couple of trys later he had the pole jam to bars over the wall seen in here like it was nothing. 

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