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Rocky - Kyle Ralston

We had a little party/premiere out the back of the shop before Christmas for Kyle Ralston's latest video 'Rocky' and he has just released it online.

Rocky is a 20 minute video featuring a heap of his friends filmed in the streets of Perth over the last year or so. Featuring Kyle Ralston, Jamie Mauri, Jake Corless, Callan Stibbards, Dylan Matthews, Tom Roddy, Will Moores, Matt Bell, Mitch Morris, Alex Veenbaas, Luke Snelling, Jay Wilson, Doc, Filipe Costa Laghi, Matt Walkemeyer, Gyles Baker, Mark Kelly, Harry Payne, Ross Dummett and Zenith Riley.

More than that its a touching tribute to his friend Gyles Baker aka rockybalbaker, Rocky. Gyles took his own life early last year after a silent struggle with his mental health. More on that after the vid. 

I'm sure you reading this didn't expect such a dark turn in a blog on a BMX shops blog page but mental health is something that we as a society should not be afraid to talk about and even less afraid to seek help when its needed. More than that I see it as a brave thing to do, something we should respect.  

Gyles Baker. 

Kyle, Gyles, Mark and the rest of the Phsh boys were the first real "crew" of young kids that came into the shop when we opened in 2013. By real crew I mean they were out riding, getting better and pushing each other, filming, putting out edits and just living this BMX lifestyle that we all are apart of. They weren't just kids who had BMX bikes, they were the real deal even at age 13-14.

Over the years of them coming to the shop for parts or to get their bikes fixed or just say hi when they were riding Freo that day, I watched these kids grow into young men. Some of the crew drifted off from BMX as can happen when young fellas hit 17-18 and life starts getting a bit more distracting with work/uni/studying/cars/girls/partying. Kyle really stuck with riding and ended up on our shop team, Gyles would still go for a roll go for a roll at Kinross and ride street a few times a week.

When Kyle told me of Gyles' passing it hit me pretty hard. As I said I'd seen these guys grow up over the best part of a decade. I'd met his Dad a few times when he'd come to pay for Gyles' parts. I felt devastated for Kyle and the rest of his friends, Gyles' family and everyone else that knew him. They lost everything that he was at that point and everything that he was going to be. Its incredibly sad to lose a life so young and I'm so sorry for their loss.

Hopefully I dont spoil the video's ending but at the premiere you have never heard 40 odd rowdy half drunk BMXers so quiet and respectful. There were a few teary eyes for sure, mine included.  

Kyle and Gyles. 

Here is some words from Kyle.

"A video dedicated to a best friend. Gyles Baker aka rockybalbaker took his own life earlier this year after a silent struggle with his mental health. Gyles was one of the most kind hearted, gentle, and selfless human beings I have met and I am forever grateful to have been able to call him one of my best friends. Please if you are struggling or know anyone struggling, let them know they are not alone. Things will always get better. Thanks to everyone who helped make this video. I am very grateful for everyone in my life. Always thinking about you Gyles. Love you and miss you brother. Rest in peace. 12/07/1999 - 01/03/2021"

Gyles' part from Kyles Longboy video.