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Name: Ross Dummett

Age: 34

Place of Residence: Fremantle

Sponsors: Local BMX

Ross floating above the deep end at Scarborough bowl. Karl Cottrell photo

Last song you listened to: Peter Bibby- Hates my boozing

Top things that get you stoked: Road trips with friends, camping, beers, concrete bowls, bike packing missions, swimming, Travel

Current frame that you are running: A rusty T1 barcode

Favourite part on your bike: The frame

Favourite BMX video growing up: Props, Roadfools , Wide awake nightmare.

Current favourite BMX video: Fast and loose

Park you grew up riding: Hutton Moor England, (pic below)

Current favourite park in the Perth Metro area: Scarborough or Vic bowl

Top park you have rode in WA outside the metro area: Florence, Oregon

Top places you have been to ride: Pacific North West USA

Top places you have been not riding: India

Top places you want to go to ride: Nimbin bowl

Ross Carving some Malasian concrete. John Kelly photo.

Favourite WA Street rider: Gray

Favourite WA Trails rider:  Mundas

Favourite WA Park rider: Mundas

Favourite BMX memory/memories: Going to the glory hole in San Fran, going to the T1 ramp in Austin Texas, Lost bowl in Portugal was pretty surreal 

Any thanks? Thanks to Mike and Jacky for everything they do and keeping my bike running smooth!

Full pipe dream, Glory hole, San Fran Cisco. Luke Peeters photo