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Next up on Top Faves is Luke Snelling.

All pics by Jake Corless

Curved to start and multiple kinks on this rail were no problemo for Luke. Berlin  trip with the Tempered crew. 

Age:  28

Place of Residence: Hamilton Hill

Sponsors: Local BMX and Tempered bikes

Car: fully sick blue one

Favourite food/drink: beer and steak

Last song you listened to: Grim Tormentor by Conan

Top things that get you stoked: Just hanging out riding, seeing someone do something crazy, creativity and music

Top things that give you the shits: Ignorant people and face masks

Oppo one footed table on a giant blue euro boob. 

Current frame that you are running: Tempered night child

Favourite part on your bike and why: gold skull dust caps because they are gold skull dust caps

Favourite BMX video growing up: Endsearch or Anthem 2

Current favourite BMX video: still the same

Park you grew up riding: Port Kennedy/Rockingham

Current favourite park in the Perth Metro area: Rocko

Top park you have rode in WA outside the metro area: Margaret river or Manjimup


Top places you have been to ride: Netherlands, Berlin, Spain

Top places you have been not riding: Clancys fish pub

Top places you want to go to ride: anywhere weird that not a lot of people go ride

Favourite BMX account that you follow on the Gram: early2000sbmx

Favourite non BMX account: anything Simpsons related

Favourite BMX memory/memories: Probably my first international BMX trip to China, was a gateway to travelling BMX for me. Hell of a time!

Any thanks? Cheers to Local BMX and Tempered Bikes for keeping me rolling and cheers to Karl von Drais for inventing the bicycle

While you are here have a rewatch of Luke's Welcome to Tempered vid that dropped early last month.