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Younger riders may not be familiar with Tree Bike Co but anyone over the age of about 25 certainly would be, they made (maybe still do) possibly the best sprocket on the market, I personally ran an OG one for about 10 years before retiring it and only then because I wanted to freshen up my bike, the sprocket was still in perfect working order.

Anyway we got some Tree sprockets on sale from T6 distro (cheers dudes) and I was putting them out for sale when Jamie Mauri came in and we were talking about them, I remembered the ad Tree ran in Props and was telling Jamie, he hadn't seen it.

I found the ad, watched it, laughed out loud a few times and thought I should share it. The sprocket chunk/stall at the 1:00 mark would have folded many sprockets on the market and I love the rail to ghosty and the guy judo kicks the headtube of the bike to get it stop. Weird science song playing, dudes in science coats going nuts to butt on a scooter, these guys didn't need to make their company seem cool to sell stuff, their products were solid as fuck, so they could have fun with their ads and did. 

Have a look and check out a Tree Sprocket, we have a bunch on sale for $65. If you hate the colour paint it or caustic soda it back to raw. It might be the last sprocket you will ever need to buy. 

Also check out this ad for their no longer available Little Buddy frame. another funny vid.