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Vans Shimmer - Calvin Kosovich

Apologies on the lateness of this post, this vid has been online for 2 weeks and even though I have gone back and watched it half a dozen times it only just dawned on me to post it on here.

Vans Shimmer is a sweet 15 minute vid featuring mainly the Vans team's LA street riders, Calvin Kosovich killed it with this, Filming, editing and has a section. He has come a long way from his early Perth bmx film "Let It Bleed" days, not to discount his earlier work, but this latest release is bordering on Cinematic. Calvin has taken his video production to a new level here, the whole time I was watching I just kept thinking how good it looked! 

Also parts from Dak Roche, Lewis Mills, Bruno Hoffman, Travis Hughes, Sean Ricany, Andrew Castaneda and Ty Morrow.

Well done Calvin! Killed it mate. 

If you havent watched it yet I suggest grabbing a beverage of your choice and sitting back so you can take it all in.